BOOK: A Kiss In Kyoto

A Kiss In Kyoto

A Love Story in Japan

Naomi’s parents approved the match for her omiai. 


Naomi’s parents approved the match for her omiai. The man possesses financial security and other attributes her parents sought for her marriage. Yet her heart isn’t lining up with the arrangement. She must push those feelings aside, for tradition dictates that she honor her beloved mother and father. Then, on a weekend trip, she meets Taka. She isn’t prepared to fall for this strikingly handsome man with his quiet smile. Try as she may, she can’t stop thinking of him . . . and, just maybe, he’s thinking of her. Why can’t she approach life like her friend, Yuki, living free of constrictions? She sees in Yuki everything she wishes to be: beautiful, fashionable, clever, free to make her own choices . . . and oh, so adventurous. But unknown to Naomi, her dearest friend carries a secret that will plummet them both down paths they never could have fathomed. Taka, too, has his secrets. Naomi struggles to know if Taka truly is the right one for her, or if she must tear her heart away and dutifully enter the arranged marriage. Perhaps she can grow to love her betrothed. Naomi is faced with a difficult and not-so-obvious choice. A Kiss in Kyoto is a sweet romantic suspense from first-time novelist Kumiko Olson.

"Touching portrait of love in Japan"

"This romance is filled with cultural touches and suspense that make it captivating reading. Set in modern Japan, the reader experiences the heartbreak and joys of love's journey as the author shares the unique challenges of a young woman seeking her place in the world."

-James E Rogers - Five stars - Five stars - A Kiss In Kyoto

"You will love A Kiss in Kyoto!"

"This Japanese love story is well written and engaging. I learned a lot about the Japanese way of thinking, and its traditions, customs, and etiquette. This romantic suspense story is entertaining and enjoyable. Plus, the settings of Kyoto and Sapporo are beautiful and make me feel like I want to visit Japan. I highly recommend this book!"

-Brian Foley - Five stars - A Kiss In Kyoto

"The author's ability to put you 'on-scene' without breaking the flow is addictive"

"I was curious to see how to see how the author's writing style would carry over from the previous book, an autobiography, to this book. Her ability to put you 'on-scene' without breaking the flow is addictive. Very smooth."

-Doug Knoyle - Five stars - A Kiss In Kyoto