The peak of fall foliage is now in Kyoto, Japan.

The Japanese government is encouraging the civilians to travel and they started traveling all over Japan. Of course, they all comply with the rules of wearing a mask. Living in the U.S., I am envious of their liberty, but I pray we will be able to contain the virus soon. Although I cannot fly to…

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Halloween/Cosplay Autumn has arrived. This year has been very hard for everyone in the world and it is difficult to see a ray of hope right now, but I truly hope our positive spirits won’t be taken away by the ruthless virus. This time, the theme is Halloween. Hopefully, these pictures will put a smile…

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Hinamatsuri-Girl’s Festival

March 3 is Hina Matsuri (Doll Festival or Girls’ Festival), when Japanese people pray for the happiness and healthy growth of girls. Families with young daughters mark this day by setting up a display of dolls inside the house. At the top, two dolls are representing the Emperor, Empress, and the bellow them are attendants…

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Winter in Japan

Christmas Motorbike Parade in front of Shinjuku train station

About 0.7% of Japanese are Christians, but almost all like to cerebrate Christmas. Especially Christmas Eve is the day when young couples go out, enjoy the Christmas illuminations, and have their romantic dinner at a fancy restaurant. The picture of the motor bikers in the Santa Claus’ outfit was taken in front of Shinjuku Station,…

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Summer Is Here!

Picture of Tanabata Festival in Japan

Summer is here. Many counties are celebrating all sorts of their traditional events. In Japan, Tanabata (evening of the seventh) is nearing. On July 7th, many Japanese children write wishes on origami and tie them to a bamboo shoot. I used to do this tradition up to the age of ten or eleven. Tanabata is…

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