The peak of fall foliage is now in Kyoto, Japan.

The Japanese government is encouraging the civilians to travel and they started traveling all over Japan. Of course, they all comply with the rules of wearing a mask. Living in the U.S., I am envious of their liberty, but I pray we will be able to contain the virus soon.

Although I cannot fly to Japan now, I always enjoy the pictures of Japan on my Facebook. I would like to share some pictures of Kyoto.  Thanks to my Facebook friend who resides in Kyoto, I am able to show you some of her beautiful pictures and her acquaintance’s professional pictures.

Kyoto is surrounded on three sides by mountains-Higashiyama, Kitayama, and Nishiyama mountain ranges. So, when the season of turning leaves comes the whole area is lit up by the spectacular colors of golden yellow and crimson.  Kyoto was Japan’s capital from 794 to 1868 and there are still a great number of old temples and shrines. If you visit Kyoto, you will be enveloped in an ancient time of Japan.

東福寺 No.2
坂Kyoto 3,